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1 March, Monday

Strikes will be delivered to Azerbaijan from the territory of Armenia - Expert

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Pashinyan saw the collapse of all his plans, and the crash happened quickly and swiftly.

Russian political scientist Andrei Ivanov told Eurasia Diary when commenting on the issue why Nikol Pashinyan dismissed senior executives from the administration.

Speaking with an expert on the topic of sending civil servants of the Armenian administration to the battlefront, he said:

"Pashinyan is obviously in a panic, he simply does not know what to do. He saw the spoil of all his plans, and the crash happened quickly and swiftly. But who is to blame for this? Only he and his leadership. He decided to somehow account to his fellow citizens for the defeats that were predetermined by his actions. Of course, sending his deputies to the battlefront looks very strange...

In a conversation with Ivanov, our editorial office noted that in previous armed conflicts between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Russia has always intervened in the conflict with the aim of settling it, and it succeeded, but today this trend is not observed:

"Russia, in fact, is tired of the uncertainty in the South Caucasus. The blaze and prolongation of the conflict around Nagorno-Karabakh is a big headache for Moscow.

The trouble is that while outside forces try to intervene in this conflict may change the balance in the region. But does the Russian Federation need Turkey, Iran, NATO to intervene in the situation because of the local conflict? Definitely not. Now Russia will agree to any alignment that develops on the battlefield. If the Azerbaijani army is able to reverse the situation and achieve a decisive victory, then Moscow will agree with this very quickly. And this is not only about Russia, but also about other international observers. The West, EU, USA, Turkey and Iran will agree with the current situation. Everyone will accept reality as it will be.

Everyone wants stability in the region, not constant escalation. For many years Armenia tried to manipulate the possibility of war, but now everyone understands that a quick war is better than endless empty talks about peace that is not able to resolve the conflict. "

In connection with the successful advances of the Azerbaijani Army close to the Armenian border, we discussed with the political scientist the possibility of shelling Azerbaijani troops from the territory of Armenia. Also, within the framework of this issue, we discussed the reaction of Azerbaijan to the provocation by Armenia:

"I have no doubts that strikes will be delivered to Azerbaijan from the territory of Armenia. But you just need to be ready for this. What is the point of crying that Yerevan violated some international law? It will keep doing it - you just need to estimate the consequences. And we see that today strikes are being delivered not just at the positions of the Azerbaijani army, which would be understandable, but at peaceful Azerbaijani cities and villages, and s a result of it peaceful and innocent people die for nothing. Everyone in the world understands the situation. They do not speak out loud, but see well.

As for the CSTO, the organization will not intervene in the conflict. On the contrary, all CSTO members, with the exception of Armenia, want an early resolution of the conflict in favor of restoring the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

Everybody saw long ago that the leadership in Baku is quite adequate, capable of negotiations. Conversely, any attempt at dialogue with the Armenian side, over the past decades, has been conducted in a destructive and extremely annoying tone. It is impossible to talk with people who, at every word, can make groundless claims and twist all agreements. Imagine, it's like talking to a young lady. You try to prove something logically, but in response only emotional outbursts. Everyone is really tired of it. All CSTO members will now stand aside and watch, in spite of formally expressing their concerns and condolences. But this is a standard diplomatic trick. "

A meeting of the ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia is planned in Geneva. Based on the above, we asked the political scientist how he sees the results of today's negotiations:

"Today everyone realizes that no negotiations will change anything. There is the political will of Baku, which manifested itself on the battlefield. And, in fact, everyone is happy about that. Everyone has long been waiting for the empty chatter to end and Azerbaijan begins to restore its sovereignty. There are left only empty lyrics.

Pashinyan, in the current situation, showed himself to be a complete political bankrupt. He makes conflicting statements, but he cannot change the situation on the front line. He is in rush, hysterics, and actually in full of agony. There is also a very important aspect. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the entire internal policy of Armenia has been built around the idea of ​​how to restore the “kingdom of the times of Tigran”. Now this idea is failing naturally. And what can Pashinyan say to his own people? We must talk about the economy, about the real state of affairs, but he is used to speaking in myths, like all previous Armenian politicians. So now there is a real collapse of the Armenian modern statehood. "

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