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4 March, Thursday

Exclusive interview with the Head of the Red Cross in Azerbaijan - Ariana Bauer - VIDEO

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Eurasia Diary presents the interview with the Head of the Red Cross in Azerbaijan - Ariana Bauer.

- Miss Bauer, at first, we would like to hear about your previous work-projects before coming to Baku?

Ari​ana Bauer: Well, I have been working for the International Committee of the Red Cross for thirteen years in countries that are involved in military conflicts. Our main goal is to help people affected by the war. I have worked in Ukraine, the Philippines, Iraq, several African countries, but my most recent activity was based in our head office in Geneva.

- What is the most difficult part of your job?

Ariana Bauer: I think it's primarily a psychological component. The most difficult thing is to talk into people that we are a neutral organisation. People often think that if we do not express our personal opinion about a particular situation, as if it means that we do not care and we are indifferent to it. But this is not the case. Our method of work and approach to situations is somewhat different. Our neutrality is a tool to support the most vulnerable populations affected by conflict and to do so impartially. This is the only way we can achieve a positive and desired result. We help people regardless of nationality, race and religious affiliation. We help those who need help the most.

- Could you talk about the search and identification of dead bodies during the Karabakh war, and how was it happening?

Ariana Bauer: Today we are working with armies from different sides in recovery operations; this is a very important job that needs to be done as soon as possible after the end of the war.

Our main goal is to provide answers to families. We are in direct contact with families who are very concerned about the current situation. They have not seen or heard anything about their husbands and sons for a long time. That is why our primary task is not only to retrieve bodies from the battlefield, but also to identify the remains for their further transfer to the family to relatives and friends for burial.

- Could you please tell us if the Red Cross Committee helped the families of the victims, and if so, how?

Ariana Bauer: We have a number of projects for people affected by the recent war over the past forty four days. All this greatly influenced the people who lived along the contact line. We immediately contacted the society in Azerbaijan to help those people through registering them and to provide financial assistance. A huge amount of work was also done to move people to shelters for temporary residence, provide warm clothes and blankets, provide drinking water, etc. Our goal was to help people return to normal life.

We will gradually increase our staff, the budget allocated to Baku, Barda, and wherever we have offices. We try to help people who desperately need our help and especially, people whose houses have been destroyed. We are working hard to rebuild destroyed water supply, electricity and infrastructure.

We are committed to working closely with the Ministry of Education to help rebuild schools so that children can continue to study.


By Jamila Chebotareva

Translated by Elnur Enveroglu

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