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5 March, Friday

Vaccination is the most effective remedy against infectious diseases - VIDEO

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Andrey Ontikov commented on the views about the life-threatening nature of vaccines:
"Even during coronavirus epidemics, there were such thoughts. It is important to understand that during pandemic, everyone has a collective responsibility not only to the individual, but also to society," he said.
Speaking about the side effects of the vaccination, he spoke about the experience he and his wife had during the vaccination:
"First, your ID card is entered into the database. First you come to the therapist and be examined. You are directed to one of the rooms for vaccination. You can wait there for 5-15 minutes after vaccination, half an hour if you feel unwell. Vaccination is two-stage. A certificate of vaccination is issued and this information is added to the list of vaccinations you have received so far. My wife and I have been vaccinated with the Russian production of "Spunik-V".
On the day of the vaccination, I woke up in the middle of the night with a temperature of about 38 degrees. Then I woke up again and sweated. In the morning I had a slight headache and weakness. I felt good after drinking a cup of coffee. My wife was worse. He had bone and muscle pain and fever. In fact, these are standard effects, and they occur during any vaccination. When you are vaccinated, they inject a weakened or modified virus into your body. This virus is pre-infected with a coronavirus. Naturally, the body tries to cope with the virus, and these side effects occur. The virus cannot multiply in the body. Therefore, immunity arises. I have full confidence in our scientists in the field of vaccination," A. Ontikov said.

Eurasia Diary presents the interview with Andrey Ontikov, a leading publicist and orientalist on coronavirus vaccination.

By Jamila Chebotareva

Translated by Elnur Enveroglu

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