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18 August,

Eurasia Diary to be media partner of famous upcoming "Krinisa Economic Forum" in Poland - VIDEO

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Senior coordinator on Cooperation with Central Asia, South Caucasus, Iran and Turkey Mr. Mikolazh Tauber, University of Oriental Studies in Warsaw exclusively talked with Eurasia Diary. He discussed Economic Forum that is the most important ongoing initiative of Oriental University which has become a major event in this part of Europe for more than one decade.

Eurasia Diary: Please tell us about the significance of Economic Forum?

Mikolazh Tauber: This is the fact that 70 speakers and experts participated in the first meeting of Poland-East and 3500 guests including 5 Prime-Ministers in this forum in 1991 not only proves the significance of forum but also is a platform for the exchange of views. You can come to the forum, participate in various events and share different opinions.

Thereby, the forum is one of the largest event of its kind in this part of Europe apart from The World Economic Forum in Davos.

We want to make this forum the platform for communication between East and West. Furthermore, we want that various cultural and scientific projects, students exchange and formation of new business became the result of this communication as well.

Eurasia Diary: What are the famous personalities who participated in this forum?

Mikolazh Tauber: The President of Poland Andrzej Duda came to the forum and opened it and Ex-Chairman of European Commission Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso and Polish politician Jerzy Buzek, coalition Prime Minister of Poland also participated in the official opening. People from Russia, China and from many other countries attended this forum. For instance, Russian writers Vladimir Voinovich and Viktor Yerofeyev came to present their books. This means that forum is not only business communication but also cultural event

Eurasia Diary: What are the major roles does this forum can play in the economic sphere of this region?

Mikolazh Tuaber: The large multinational companies signed treaties and implement their projects on the forum. You can find interesting business-partners from Poland and dozen other countries. One person can do 40-50 meetings with other people for three days in this forum. This result you may achieve for several years if you go to them individually.

Eurasia Diary: What is the role of Azerbaijan in this forum? What your priorities for this country?

Mikolazh Tauber:  First of all, Azerbaijan is similar to Poland inasmuch as Azerbaijan is an intersection of all paths in this region as Poland is an intersection of all paths in Europe. We would like to be one of the main partners in the region with Azerbaijan due to the fact that this country has a potential. This is an access to Central Asia and we want to demonstrate Europe which opportunities are here.

Eurasia Diary:  What will be your message to the Eurasia Diary readers?

Mikolazh Tauber: I invite you to the Poland forum! We will talk and continue to develop together.


Interview by: Ayaz Mirzayev


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