"It is not personal attack against Karlov, it is planned attack" - Salih Yilmaz- professor at the Yıldırım Beyazıt University -Exclusive | Eurasia Diary - ednews.net

21 August, Wednesday

"It is not personal attack against Karlov, it is planned attack" - Salih Yilmaz- professor at the Yıldırım Beyazıt University -Exclusive

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Salih Yilmaz is a  professor at the Yıldırım Beyazıt University, who personally knows the Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov. Dr. Salih Yilmaz answered the questions of Eurasia Diary regarding assassination attack.

Eurasia Diary: You know very well Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov who was assassinated on the evening of 19 December 2016. What can you say about Mr Karlov?

Salih Yilmaz:  Andrey Karlov served as the nation's ambassador to North Korea. Then he was assigned ambassador in Turkey. When he came here 3 years ago, I was one of those people who had the opportunity to meet with him. So he was not like other Russian ambassadors because he had a different personality and was very social person. He was a participant in various events and invitations, had a good communication with people and was affectionate person. Moreover, he was a person who had a positive opinion about Turkey. I know that he had special efforts in normalizing relations with Russia and also tried to organize negotiations with the opponents in Aleppo. I can say that he was a person who protects and supports the Russian Diaspora in Ankara.

Eurasia Diary: We heard that you were going to take part in the exhibition where the Russian Ambassador was assassinated but you didn’t.  What was the reason for that?

Salih Yilmaz:  Art gallery exhibition which was held to reflect different regions and people in Russia by Russian and Turkish photographers. The exhibition hall was close to the US Embassy that is why it was guarded by security forces. I also wanted to attend this exhibition but I had to go to another meeting.

Eurasia Diary:  There are various rumours about the provocation. The Foreign Ministers would meet on that day.  At the same time, the incident happened as Putin went to watch a play that was about Russian ambassador Griboyedov who was killed in 1828.

Salih Yilmaz:  It may be a coincidence that Putin went to the theatre. But this exhibition was announced several days ago. It was known before that the Russian ambassador would attend this exhibition. It is possible to say that this is a planned action. The attacker could not realize this action by himself surely someone helped him. The attacker was a new police officer, and also he was suspected of being member of FETÖ. From this point of view, international powers are trying to utilize these means for leading confrontation in different regions of world.  The reason of why these events happen in Turkey is connected with its geographic position. But West attempts to violate the cooperation between Turkey and Russia. Obama had done explanation about this before. Two elements draw attention in this statement. He said that Turkey has a very big army and it is a lack not using this army in Syria .

He emphasizes that Russia is not as strong as it is supposed to, and underscores that Russia has not effective productions exclude oil natural gas and weapons. We understand this that – The loss of the position of the United States against Russia in the Middle East has forced it to resort to different methods. United States has no sense in Syria issue. Events happening in the world are directed to USA and it makes USA anger. We see that plans have been established for a long time in the vicinity of Russia and the surroundings have been made in the Eastern Europe, while Turkey is breaking relations with the USA.  We should also look at the following: The European Union countries and the United States have closed their doors to Russia, Iran and China, because of long struggles. Crises in Ukraine caused that all commercial roads have become inefficient and inapplicable.

NATO troops have been deployed in the Western Baltic States because of fear of Russia and security reasons. Turkey is the only country where Russia, Iran and China have access to Europe. They also closed this door in Turkey, because of aircraft crisis. But whatever happened, the normalization of relations with Russia and Israel overthrew all the balances.  Putin and Erdogan would meet in Sankt-Peterburg, before FETO coup attempt happened. If coup attempt was successful, the meeting would not be realized and the Russia-Turkey relations would not be normalized. The US is angry that it cannot carry out its policies.

Eurasia Diary: Do you think that the USA was involved in this attack?

Salih Yilmaz: It is not true to mention any country’s name. Anyway, those who fulfilled this attack they planned very well and didn't leave any evidence to show the actual guilt. In the end,  no matter of what means was used in this attack, the fact of a crime is undoubtful. However, attacking agent has contact with the organization or organizations which it has a direct connection with that country. We need to wait for a while, we need time. Nevertheless, the first signs indicate that it is completely external, not a personal attack because it was a planned and overworked. From this viewpoint, it is not true to blame any country, but there is some evidences. Let's wait and everything will be revealed. 

by Sehavet Najiyev

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