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21 July,

European Sources Criticize Arab Efforts to Normalize Ties with Damascus

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Several European countries believe that time is not yet ripe for the normalization of relations between Arab states and Syria, diplomatic sources said in Paris.

“We understand the proposals of some Arab capitals on their desire to restore ties with the (Syrian) regime,” the sources said. But “conditions are not ripe yet” for such a leap.

Arabs believe they should resume relations with the regime of Bashar Assad to prevent further Iranian expansion, the sources said.

Several Arab states claim that their rapprochement with Assad would give him more independence in decision-making, away from Iranian dictates, they said.

Also, the sources said Arabs believe there is a Russian-Iranian clash of interests in Syria, a situation that should weaken the position of Tehran and set the stage for the return of Arab influence.

However, the diplomatic sources stressed that Arab states, which have expressed enthusiasm in restoring ties with Syria, have miscalculated the strength of relations between Damascus and Tehran.

“This relationship is considered by the regime as a life insurance,” according to the sources.

They warned that if Arab states start pouring money into the Syrian economy, Damascus would benefit from the funds but would remain under Iran’s influence.

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