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22 May, Wednesday

It’s time to change the Constitution - Belarus's Lukashenko

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced the imminent change of the country's constitution, which should balance the powers of all government branches, Report informs citing  Interfax.

“This does not mean that we would create such a system where Lukashenko seems in power and is absent at the same time. This will not happen in the country, I promise you. I think about the future of the country, and not about my personal power. I became power-hungry," he said in his annual message to the Belarusian people and parliament.

“I am often asked a question, and sometimes even in public — would you like to leave this Constitution to your successor? I say 'no' straight out and honestly. I would not,” he said.

In his opinion, Belarus has already passed the stage when the country needed "such a strong (executive - ed.) power that we have."It is necessary to load with authority other structures and branches of power, " he added.

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