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29 May, Friday

'Oh goodness, I was not terribly surprised' - Pompeo on Putin's comment

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US State Secretary Mike Pompeo said he was not "terribly surprised" by the way Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on US Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the alleged Russia collusion during their recent talks in the Russian southern city of Sochi, Sputnik reported.

"Oh goodness, you know very little surprises me with Guy. So no, I can't say I was terribly surprised the President Putin's view on the Mueller report," Pompeo told the Fox News broadcaster on the Guy Benson Show late on Thursday.

Pompeo recalled that during the talks, Putin pointed to the issue of the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign team and Russia as the core finding from the Mueller probe.

"I think he had felt burdened by that and that he feels as though President Trump was burdened by that as well. So I think in that sense he was saying, hey the deck — the idea that somehow there had been direct collusion between President Trump and the campaign and the Russian leadership. The fact that the Mueller report dispelled that, I think he found useful as a turning point to try and find a better way for conversations between our two countries," Pompeo pointed out.

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