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18 September, Wednesday

'We need a different Europe' - Former Italian PM Mario Monti

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Former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has said that "we need a different Europe", and warned about the "dangers" of nationalist parties, ahead of the EU elections.

In an exclusive interview with Euronews, Monti said that, although it is predicted that they will not reach a majority in the European Parliament, nationalist and populist parties will probably make major gains in Italy.

"THE MEPs elected in Italy will sit mainly in the opposition benches," he said.

"I do not expect the next President of the European Commission to be a populist, nor do I expect there to be a majority of populist or nationalist commissioners. This means that in Italy, in the context of the European bodies, will go in the opposite direction."

Italy goes to the polls on Sunday 26 May, while the first votes have already been placed in the UK and The Netherlands.

By the end of May, the make-up and leadership of the European Parliament will change.

Monti said he hopes for a significant political shift across the continent.

"We need a different Europe from the one we have had so far, even when the nationalist danger will be over," he said.


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