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9 July, Thursday

Kocharyan's lawyer demands public apology from Pashinyan

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Lawyer of Armenia’s second president Hayk Alumyan stated today at the hearing of Robert Kocharyan’s lawsuit against Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan that they completely withdraw the lawsuit demanding public apology from Pashinyan, Aysor reports.

The other side though, Prime Minister’s lawyer Gevorg Gyozalyan stated about their demand of compensation totaling 650,000 AMD.

“This lawsuit was senseless. My client naturally has made payments, and as you all know, his only income is his salary. To avoid from all future ungrounded lawsuits against my client, we will pursue the solution of the issue. Those people who will file groundless lawsuits against my client will pay for it,” lawyer Gevorg Gyozalyan told the reporters after the court hearing.

Alumyan described the sum unreasonable.

“My client has made payments, he paid to “Gyozalyan and friends” company for legal services and received these services,” PM’s lawyer said.

The court will publish decision over the demand on June 24.

Robert Kocharyan’s representative Hayk Alumyan filed lawsuit against Armenia’s PM Nikol Pashinyan and demanded public apology for the following phrase,

“He says he is immune, what does it mean? Can you organize murder of people and say that I am immune? Where is it written so?”

At yesterday’s court hearing lawyer Gevorg Gyozalyan stated that Pashinyan’s statement was not addressed to Robert Kocharyan.

“The phrase made by Nikol Pashinyan related to how the constitutional-legal norm is being commented and not to Mr Kocharyan,” Gyozalyan said.

Kocharyan’s representative stated in court that they withdraw the lawsuit they submitted.

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