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15 July, Wednesday

Turkey may buy Patriots from US - Erdogan reports.

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Ankara will discuss purchasing U.S. Patriot missiles in a meeting between the two countries' leaders later this month, Turkey's president said on Friday, Anadolu Agency.

"I said no matter what package of ... S-400s we get, we can buy from you a certain amount of Patriots," President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the Reuters news agency in an interview in Istanbul.

"But I said we have to see conditions that at least match up to the S-400s," added Erdogan.

Erdogan had earlier talked about buying Patriots with U.S. Donald Trump in a telephone call and the two will discuss the issue in more detail at the UN General Assembly meetings in New York later this month.

"In my opinion a country like the U.S. will not want to hurt its ally Turkey any more. This is not a rational behavior," Erdogan said, who expressed hope that his personal bond with Trump would overcome the current crisis between two countries.

“This is not an offense, but a defense system. Turkey's needs such a defense system,” he said. 

Underlining that Trump blames the Obama administration for refusal to sign a deal with Turkey to sell the Patriot missile system, Erdogan said: “It is impossible to think that threats of sanctions reflect reality.”

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