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15 July, Wednesday

Ankara must halt military invasion in Syria - Armenia urges

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Armenia's Foreign Ministry has condemned Turkey's miltiary invasion of Syria, voicing concern of regional security hazards and possible human losses, Eurasia Diary reports citing to

In an official statement, it also warned of massive and grave violations of human rights, calling for effective international measures towards halting the tension.

The full text of the statement is below: 

Armenia condemns the military invasion by Turkey in north-east Syria, which would lead to deterioration of regional security, losses among civilians, mass displacement and eventually to a new humanitarian crisis. The plight of ethnic and religious minorities is of particular concern.

This military invasion also creates an imminent threat of identity based grave and massive violations of human rights. 

Armenia calls for effective international measures aimed at halting this military invasion, preventing mass atrocities and protecting the population of Syria bordering Turkey.

Armenia supports the unity and sovereignty of Syria and urges to refrain from military offensive against Syria and its people. Armenia will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the friendly people of Syria on the ground.


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