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21 February, Friday

NATO needs to strive for better relations with Russia - Stoltenberg

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Jens Stoltenberg thinks NATO's relations with Russia have special importance for the Alliance, Eurasia Diary reports.

"Russia is our biggest and closest neighbor. We need to strive for better relations with Russia. Even if we are not getting better relationship in the near term. We need to ensure predictability and transparency to avoid incidences and accidences.

"NATO and I believe in dialogue with Russia. We must avoid arms race which is dangerous and expensive," NATO's chairman said.

Stoltenberg also paid attention to NATO-China relations. He stressed that the rise of China provides economic opportunities that lifted millions of people out of poverty. 

"At the same time, China heavily invested in modern capabilities." NATO chief emphasized China's new ballistic missile development which can reach over Europe.

Stoltenberg states that China increases its hypersonic missiles and ballistic missiles that violate the INF treaty. China had been part of this treaty. Stoltenberg seeks to include China into a relevant arms control agreement.

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