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7 July, Tuesday

Moscow explained why Turkey should not joke with Russia about Syria

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Turkey wants to use Russia to solve its political problems in the Middle East, but does not consider it a real ally – only “a neighbor that they do not choose.” This statement was made on the air of “Voice of America” ​​by the former Minister of Defense of Turkey, Fikri Yshyk. About whether a full partnership between Turkey and Russia is possible is in the material of the Federal News Agency. reports citing Bulgarian Military news.

Former Turkish Defense Minister talks with US Admiral James Stavridis, who is the commander of NATO forces in Europe. The topic of conversation was “the future of the transatlantic union”. Of course, there was a discussion of the role of Russia.

Neighbors do not choose

Fikri Yshyk answered negatively to the question of whether Turkey is approaching Russia, recalling that “it was Russia that was the reason for Turkey’s accession to NATO.” Ankara does not have strategic relations with Moscow, the ex-minister said.

“We know Russia very well. The fact that we have close relations, especially in the economy, does not mean that these are strategic relations. Turkey has strategic relations with NATO, but to solve the Syrian crisis and other regional problems, Russia’s participation is necessary,” Yshyk announced.

According to Yshyk, Turkey is forced to work closely with Russia to resolve its problems in Syria, as the Barack Obama administration did not want to “decisively deal with Assad.”

“Before Russia entered the game in Syria, there was a chance to solve the problem without Assad, but the US administration did not act decisively, they looked at the situation from the outside until the rules of the game completely changed. The real solution was never found. [Therefore, Turkey] needs close relations with Russia in order to find a solution, however, these relations are not strategic but tactical,” Fikri Yshyk emphasized. –“Turkey is and will remain a loyal member of NATO. But in addition, Russia is our neighbor. You can choose friends and allies, but not neighbors. And we need to maintain good relations with our neighbors. ”

At the same time, in an interview with the commander of NATO forces, the ex-minister defended Ankara’s decision to purchase S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia. The USA, according to Yshyk, behaved “dishonestly” in relation to Turkey.

“We are allies. We asked you [Patriot systems] for Patriot, but you demanded twice as much as the Russians for the S-400, and refused to transfer technology and create joint production. And when we stated that we would consider other proposals, you began to threaten Turkey with sanctions,” the ex-minister recalled. “This is not fair behavior.”

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