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27 November, Friday

The violence committed by Armenians in Brussels, Los Angeles and other cities must be condemned - Peter Tase - VIDEO

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American expert Peter Tase, who is a close friend of Azerbaijan, gave exclusive interview to Hedef program at the AzTV television regarding the brutal attacks by Armenian aggressors against innocent Azerbaijani protesters abroad. Peter Tase condemned Armenian violence and brutalities members of Azerbaijani communities faced in Los-Angles and Brussels, while they were  protesting provocative attacks by Armenia on Azerbaijani positions on the state border. 
- A large group of Armenians living in Los Angeles, California attacked and injured a much smaller group of Azerbaijanis gathering to peacefully protest the recent Armenian aggression in the border town of Azerbaijan. Despite tight security measures by the LA Police Department, Armenians verbally and physically assaulted Azerbaijanis. I would like to get your comments in this regard.
Peter Tase:  The terrorist policies adopted by the Armenian Government to inflict so much pain and harm to the people and State of Azerbaijan have their extended arm of operations in Los Angeles – California. It is appalling to see how violence is applied by Armenian fascists and members of Dashnaksutiun and ASALA Terrorist groups against the peaceful protesters of Azerbaijani diaspora in California; these are despicable acts of aggression and violence that should be condemned by the Mayor of Los Angeles, Governor of California Gavin Christopher Newsom and US Federal Government must condemn and thoroughly investigate the criminal acts of violence committed against the Azerbaijani Diaspora. As we are involved in the US with massive anti racial protests initiated by Black Lives Matter, the strength of police forces has deteriorated and this has enabled Armenian terrorist groups in the United States to flourish, violate law and order, and commit acts of vandalism against Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani people abroad. I highly admire the leadership and courage of the President of Azerbaijan H. E. Mr. Ilham Aliyev for his steadfast actions and precautionary moves in regards to strengthening the image of Azerbaijan abroad and developing the most fundamental areas of National Economy Azerbaijan. The violence committed by Armenians in Brussels, Los Angeles and other cities must be condemned and Law and Order must prevail. I have to congratulate Consul General Nasimi Aghayev for being very active in these difficult times.
- At a press conference held on July 23, Azerbaijan's Deputy Foreign Minister Khalaf Khalafov said that Armenian terror organizations like Dashnaksutyun and ASALA can reactivate their violent attacks. So, can we say that the recent brutalities in Los Angeles should be a wake-up call for the superpowers and the entire international community?
Peter Tase: International Community, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (, NATO, European Council, European Commission and US Department of State are all maintaining silence in regards to the destruction in human lives and natural resources committed by the Armenian fascist regime in Yerevan and their servants in Los Angeles and abroad. It is terrible to see that EU continues to ignore the security threats coming from Armenia, such threats have a direct consequence to the economic progress of Europe and the more Brussels, Washington, Paris and Berlin are quiet the worst it is for their long term geostrategic and security objectives in Europe and the Americas.
Baku has been a strong and trustworthy partner of Europe and United States, we need for Washington and Brussels to significantly defend the rule of law, uphold international laws and denounce the acts of terrorism committed in Los Angeles and more importantly condemn in the harshest terms the military attacks of Armenia committed on July 12 until July 16, 2020. The would must know that Azerbaijan is containing a deathtrap that represents a major threat to the Values of Western Europe and Democratic Institutions of Europe and North America; Armenia is the greatest threat to European democratic values and has a malnourished population living in a deteriorated national economy. Armenia is a self - isolated, mono-ethnic country that is deeply connected to Russia and has two Russian military bases. European leadership must take immediate actions to neutralize these autocratic rulers of Yerevan. Let us not forget that Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant is another source of turmoil and environmental destruction in Europe.
Peter Tase is a contributor, freelance journalist and a research scholar of Paraguayan Studies and Latin American Affairs in the United States. He is also a researcher of the geopolitical issues in the South Caucasus, especially Garabagh conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

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