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3 December, Thursday

Int'l community should act as soon as possible, force Armenia to end aggression - Turkish expert

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The international community should act as soon as possible and force Armenia to end aggression [against Azerbaijan], Bezen Coskun, Research Fellow at Germany-based Centre for Applied Turkey Studies (CATS) told Trend.

“Given the failure of the Minsk group's previous peace initiatives, this time, the mediation group should be expanded to include other regional and extra-regional actors to break Armenia's resistance to exiting Azerbaijani lands,” she said, reminding about Armenia's latest attacks on Ganja.

“In my opinion, a humanitarian truce was an opportunity to end clashes and start talking about the conflict's resettlement. By violating the ceasefire conditions, the Armenian side clearly showed that they are not interested in resolving the dispute,” Coskun added.

Furthermore, she noted that for a long time, Armenians enjoyed the continuation of the status quo.

"Armenia has benefited from the delay in resolving the conflict and continued to control the region, which is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan," the expert said.

“The Armenian government has realized that it is in a tight corner due to the lack of support and Azerbaijan's determination to reclaim Nagorno-Karabakh. Both the US and Russia have put pressure on Armenia to end attacks,” she said.

Coskun pointed out that Armenian attacks legitimize Azerbaijai military response, and Azerbaijani armed forces have liberated some of the villages under the Armenian occupation. All these developments have had a reverse effect on Armenian leadership and reinforced Armenian aggression.

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