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25 November, Wednesday

Armenia has qualified itself for international sanctions to be imposed with no further delaying - Pakistani journalist

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In violation of International Law and Geneva Conventions, Armenian army continues to shell the civilian settlements in the cities of Azerbaijan far from the conflict zone.

On 27-28 October Armenian Armed Forces, grossly violating third ceasefire agreement brokered by the United States, launched ballistic and cluster missiles at the residential areas in the city of Barda of Azerbaijan. As a result of Armenia’s acts of terror, 26 civilians died and more than 80 people wounded, and the dozens of the settlements damaged.

Pakistani journalist Tazeen Akhtar, who is an editor of International Magazine “Pakistan in the World” and “Urdu Daily Azkaar” in Islamabad condemned Armenia’s acts of terrorism against innocent civilians living in the areas far from the conflict zone.

Akhtar said that Armenia is clearly attaching no importance on the international conventions of prohibiting targeting civilians

“I came to know about Barda last night that 21 civilians, including kids and women were killed by Armenian attack, which is a sheer violation of third ceasefire agreement brokered by the United States. Armenia violated the first ceasefire agreement as well, which was brokered by Armenia's own close ally Russia,” said Akhtar.

“Armenia is also embarrassing international community and the supporters of ceasefire every time who try to minimize the tension. Ganja and other parts of civilian population were hit earlier and now Barda is bleeding with the blood of civilians shed by Armenian aggression,” he added.

Touching upon the Azerbaijan’s retaliatory attacks, in accordance with the 51 article of UN Charter reflecting self-defence, on the Armenian military positions targeting Azerbaijan, Akhtar noted that Azerbaijan reserves the right to retaliate and keep Armenian Air and Land Forces from hitting its people.

“Azerbaijan Air Force is strong enough to push Armenian war crafts away from its space and make the guns of the enemy silent that are shooting the innocent civilians mostly. Armenian strength to launch missile and cluster attacks should be destroyed as soon as possible,” he stressed.

Furthermore, Akhtar expressed his opinion on the importance of imposing sanctions on Armenia – the county demonstrating aggression against the territorial integrity of its neighbour.

 “Armenia has again and again qualified itself for international sanctions to be imposed with no further delaying. Not only Armenian forces themselves are committing war crimes but they are trying their best to expand the circle of fight and destruction by sucking mercenaries and other fighters from their sympathizer countries,” he stressed.

"There are also evidences that Armenia is exploiting its youth and kids in its aggression against Azerbaijan. There are documentary proofs that Armenian children are being sent to the war zones to fight or help the fighters. UNO and European Union are supposed to bridle Armenia before it is too late," he added. 

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