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6 March, Saturday

TRT produced documentary film on the 44 days Karabakh war - VIDEO

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International Broadcast Agency - TRT has produced the documentary film on the 44 days of the Second Karabakh war. 

As Eurasia Diary reports, journalist of TRT Oubai Shahbandar visited the liberated districts of Azerbaijan - Aghdam, Fizuli and Hadrut as well as the cities of Ganja and Barda subjected to Armenian missile strikes. 

During his visit, Shahbandar took an interview from the military personel and authorities of Azerbaijani government and civilians suffered from Armenian aggression. 

In film, he talked about Armenian vandalizm in the former occupied regions of Karabakh,  especially the cities of Fizuli and Aghdam. 

According to the documentary film, the cities and villages of these districts of Azerbaijan were destroyed by Armenians during the three-decade occupation. All historical and cultural monuments belonging to Azerbaijani people were annihilated. Mosques and other religious monuments were even desecrated. 

In his comments about Armenian aggression, Shahbandar explained the differences between Azerbaijan and Armenia. He said, while Armenia is a monoethnic country, Azerbaijan is a home to the various ethnic nations and religious groups. 

The documentary film also touched upon the most successful military operations conducted by Azerbaijani Armed forces and the use of Turkish and Israel-produced drones and other advanced weapons in the combats in the liberation of the occupied four districts and some parts of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. 

Eurasia Diary presents video: 

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