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19 April, Monday

President Ilham Aliyev - "This bloody crime should never be repeated"

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"At the initiative of Azerbaijan many international organisations have commented on this bloody event. Works will be proceeded in this direction."
The statement came from the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev at a press conference, Eurasia Diary reports.
"Of course, at the time of the genocide, Azerbaijan was under an information blockade. At that time, there were no modern opportunities. Therefore, this issue was not clear to many. In those years, Azerbaijan did not have great opportunities in the international arena. In return, the Armenian lobby was active. The international community had formed a number of misconceptions. We had to make great efforts to eliminate and refute these views. In recent years, we have consistently carried out this activity. As a state and public organisation the Heydar Aliyev Foundation can also be mentioned. Various events have been held in many countries under the slogan "Justice for Khojaly". Today, there is enough information about the Khojaly tragedy in the world. Our main goal is to never forget this bloody crime. It should be forgotten neither in the wolrld nor in Azerbaijan. And it should never be repeated," the head of the state added.

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