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21 April, Wednesday

Turkey says could sign deal with Egypt on maritime zone

Foreign minister says Turkey welcomes Egypt's respect for its continental shelf in Eastern Mediterranean

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Turkey could sign an agreement with Egypt after negotiating maritime jurisdictions, the nation's foreign minister said on Wednesday.
"Depending on the course of our relations, we could also sign an agreement with Egypt by negotiating maritime jurisdictions," Mevlut Cavusoglu said in a joint news conference with Georgian counterpart Davit Zalkaliani in Ankara, the Turkish capital.
When Egypt signed an agreement with Greece on the boundaries in Eastern Mediterranean, it respected Turkey's southern borders of the continental shelf, Cavusoglu said.
"Egypt continues carrying out its activities like seismic exploration and licensing within its continental shelf. In doing so, it continues to respect our continental shelf. We welcome this positively," he stressed.
On Turkey's new human rights roadmap revealed Tuesday, Cavusoglu said: "It will boost our relations with the EU institutions while expanding the fundamental rights and freedoms."

Yeni Shafak

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