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25 September, Saturday

Pakistani media congratulates Azerbaijani journalist friends on the 146th anniversary of National Press Day

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Dispatch News Desk News Agency (DND) congratulates Eurasia Diary and other Azerbaijan media agencies on the 146th anniversary of Azerbaijan National Press Day that is celebrated on July 22.

DND believes this is time to appreciate and laud the role Azeri media played during 44 days’ war and reclaiming occupied lands.

Azeri media was in constant contact with international media like Dispatch News Desk (DND) News Agency and kept providing credible information from the war zone.

Collaboration of Azeri media with Pakistani media helped both because Pakistani media was receiving authentic news from war zone while Azeri narrative was promoted through Pakistani media.

In whole wartime, DND News Agency worked closely with Azeri media outlets and played a pivotal role to promote the just cause of Azerbaijan.

DND strongly believes that there is a dire need for Pakistan-Azeri media interaction in the future also because it will help to strengthen people-to-people contact also.

We consider that Hasan bey Zardabi, who is a founder of Azerbaijan media, has always been the mouthpiece of progressive ideas in Azerbaijan and the country’s public and political life. The press plays a major role in the preservation and enrichment of the national and spiritual values ​​of people.

The National Press Day proves that journalism in Azerbaijan is paid attention to and concern by the state.

Today, Azerbaijani journalists and media state celebrate the day of National Press in Azerbaijan. 
On July 22, 1875 Hasan Bey Zardabi, who was one of the most prominent intellectual figures and publicists in Azerbaijan, founded Ekinchi newspaper. His newspaper operating in Azerbaijani language had played progressive and beneficial role in the promotion of englightment movement among Azerbaijani people for three years. The themes of newspaper covered science, education, culture, history, agriculture and the economy. 
In 1877, Ekinchi newspaper was closed under the pressure of Tsarist regime. 

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