Armenia has not yet renounced its policy of aggression - Leyla Abdullayeva -

27 November, Saturday

Armenia has not yet renounced its policy of aggression - Leyla Abdullayeva

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Head of Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Leyla Abdullayeva has commented on an interview of the new Foreign Minister of Armenia with RIA Agency, APA reports. 

According to her, in an interview with Russia's RIA Novosti News Agency, Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan reiterated official Yerevan's position, which traditionally contradicts international law and reflects territorial claims against Azerbaijan: "By inciting aggressive separatism in the territories of Azerbaijan within its international borders, the Armenian Foreign Minister makes it clear that his "peace and security strategy" is nothing but fraud and that the country has not yet renounced its policy of aggression.

We draw the attention of the new Armenian Foreign Minister to the fact that Azerbaijan has ensured its territorial integrity in accordance with the regulations of international law and it is time to implement the statements signed by the Parties. It is in the interest of the Armenian side to understand this reality, because the country can finally put an end to lies and fantasies and focus on future development and progress.

Our country has repeatedly stated its support for the normalization of relations on the basis of the principles of international law. The revanchist statements and behavior of the Armenian side show that the country is not yet ready for a neighborhood policy based on the principles of international law," said MFA official.

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