France has always recognized Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity - French MP -

4 December, Saturday

France has always recognized Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity - French MP

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“I am a member of Parliament and the National Defense Committee of the French National Assembly. I paid a visit to Azerbaijan to emphasize the friendship between Azerbaijan and France, to affirm once again France’s commitment to the humanitarian protection of civilians during conflicts. As a member of the Defence Committee, I should note that the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia is being studied and researched with a special interest in France. Strategically and militarily, we should take a lesson from this conflict,” Member of the National Defense Committee of the French National Assembly, MP Fabien Gouttefarde told, APA reports. 

“We should look to the future and build relationships between our parliaments,” he noted.

Fabien Gouttefarde noted that resolutions, especially resolutions of the French Senate, expressed concern about the population in Karabakh, because, France and the French remembered what happened to the Christian population in Iraq and Syria.

"I would like to say that I did not vote to this resolution and these resolutions do not affect the French diplomacy, do not reflect the position of our state. That is why we are here with commission now. France must have the opportunity to talk with all actors. France considers himself a balancing force in the region. I consider that Azerbaijan is interested in holding a hand that is stretching out it because France has always recognized Azerbaijan's territorial integrity", he noted.

Fabien Gouttefarde has also touched upon the relations observed between France and the USA recently. He has noted that France has two important messages: "Firstly, we consider that there should not be such behavior between the allies and we are allies with Australia, the United States, and Britain. We know that the arrow and interest of the world still develop towards Asia, there is also this interest towards France that is a force in the Pacific Ocean. France now wants greater sovereignty at the European level, France has competency at the European level, especially in the field of defense. Proposals in this direction must be presented on January 1 when France's presidency in the EU begins.

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