US puts Russians on 'homeless nationalities' list -

6 December, Monday

US puts Russians on 'homeless nationalities' list

Russians will not be able to obtain a US visa on the territory of the Russian Federation

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The US State Department has included Russian citizens applying for a US visa to the "Homeless Nationalities" category, which includes applicants from countries where the US does not have a consular mission, or the political situation is so unstable that it does not allow American diplomats to process visa applications. This is stated in a document published on the website of the US State Department. 
Such applicants are assigned to the consulate of neighboring countries.
In total, the list of "Homeless Nationalities" included citizens of ten countries. These include Venezuela, Yemen, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Libya, Syria, Somalia, South Sudan and Eritrea.
Now, Russians can apply for an American visa in Warsaw.
Meanwhile, the term of visa-free stay in Serbia for Ukrainians has been increased to 90 days. 

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