The impasse of peace and stability in Karabakh serve in favour of Russia's geopolitical interests - Political expert -

4 February, Saturday

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The impasse of peace and stability in Karabakh serve in favour of Russia's geopolitical interests - Political expert

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According to Armenian media, the illegal Armenian armed units in Karabakh are arming themselves and conducting military drills.

When we try to analyze the claims of the media in Armenia, we could see that the illegal Armenian armed groups recently stationed in the territories of Azerbaijan under the temporary control of Russian Peacekeeping Forces regularly shell the positions of Azerbaijani army.

"The current processes in Karabakh indicate that we would expect the serious and large-scale military clashes in the region causing the flow of much blood and losses".

Azerbaijani political analyst Natiq Miri told these in his comments to Ednews

Regarding the issue, the expert said that the next anti-terror operations by Azerbaijani army against Armenian terror groups in Karabakh would be possible.

In his talks, he noted that the number of important strategic points in the area were thought to be controlled in the framework of military operations.  

"I regard that the illegal Armenian armed units in our territories are not capable of being involved in the serious military clashes with Azerbaijani army.  A high potential and strong power Azerbaijani army has could quickly destroy Armenian terrorists by encircling them. We should not any more bear the provocations of the Armenians. Every problem should be solved in its steps. In the short period of time Azerbaijani leadership will mobilize all armed forces to launch effective retaliatory attacks on the armed groups of the separatist regime. Of course, the main priority in these operations is to initially take control of the Lachin corridor. By reinforcing our positions in the areas around the corridor, we will be able to put an end to the transportation of weapons and ammunition from Armenia to Karabakh once and for all, as well as we will stop the illegal visits of Armenian provocateurs to our territory. Azerbaijan has to use its right to self-defence to carry out military operation in the region”.

Commenting on the claims that Russia is trying to push Azerbaijan in the trap by inciting Armenians to commit provocations, he noted that Russia is always interested in sustaining ethnic conflicts and clashes in the South Caucasus.  

"Moscow has created such a situation in Karabakh that as if the participation of Russian peacekeepers is necessary to ensure peace in the region. The so-called Russian peacekeepers are also trying to create such a case that Azerbaijanis and Armenians can achieve nothing in Karabakh without the engagement of Russia in the process.  However, the reality indicates that  Russia  enables the separatist forces to arm themselves and commit the provocations against Azerbaijani army.  The impasse of peace and stability, as well the development of provocative acts serve in favour of Russia's geopolitical interests in the region. The activity of Russian peacekeepers, which have no status, is a strong political tool to put pressure on Azerbaijan.  For the Kremlin, it is necessary to maintain the existence of the separatist regime to inhibit the comprehensive settlement of the Karabakh problem. Therefore, for two years, Russia has not taken any serious steps in the direction of dismantling the remnants of the Armenian army and separatist armed groups in our territory."

Touching upon Russian reaction to the military operations of Azerbaijani army in the zone of the responsibility of the peacekeepers, Natig Miri regarded that no country could interfere with the internal affairs of Azerbaijan. He said that Azerbaijani Armed Forces could fulfill the right of self-defense to protect the security of the country in accordance with the 51st chapter of the UN Charter.

"There is no zone of responsibility for the Russian peacekeepers in our territory. All states recognize Karabakh as the legal territory of Azerbaijan. The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan will use the right of self-defense and conduct military operations against terrorists in its sovereign territory. Of course, we will make contacts with heads of Russian Peacekeeping Contingent before we launch these operations in Karabakh. At this time, Russia should stand with us and carry out its obligations. In case of the opposite, the armed forces of Azerbaijan will take all obligations on its shoulders and remove all illegal armed units from its territories. There could not be another alternative way here.  At the same time, our brother - Turkey will be engaging in the processes in Karabakh."

By Yunis Abdullayev 


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