Israeli journalist: "We need strong partnership to fend off threats of Iran" -

1 February, Wednesday

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Israeli journalist: "We need strong partnership to fend off threats of Iran"

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Ambassador of Israel to Azerbaijan, George Dick calls on the governments of Azerbaijan, Turkiye and Arab states to come together with Israel under the alliance against Iran.

In his interview with Azerbaijani news agency, he said that Azerbaijan, Turkiye and Israel, as well some states of the Arab world need to congregate in the block to struggle with the political and terror acts of the Iranian regime in the regions of the South Caucasus and Middle East.

According to him, it is necessary for Baku, Ankara and Tel-Aviv to forge a strong partnership to maintain peace and stability in the greatest region.

"Azerbaijan, Turkiye and Israel could depend on natural conditions depicting political circumstances in the region."

Rachel Abraham, Israeli journalist and political analyst said these words in her comments to Ednews

"We know very well that Iran is a country threatening all of us. Social media in Iran has just recently targeted Azerbaijan and its leadership. We also know that the regime has been mistreating Azerbaijani community and other Turkish speaking nations in Iran. No any ethnic nation is granted the right to speak or educate in his mother tongue. At same time, the leadership of Iran considers Armenia its best friend and extended its aggression against Azerbaijan. Iran always tries to pose threats and commit provocations against Azerbaijan, Turkiye, Israel and other countries in the region. Therefore, I agree with the ambassador that our countries should come to a common understanding on the development of trilateral partnership and cooperation to thwart the repulsive politics of Iran, which is directed to threaten our geopolitical interests".

The expert also noted that the countries of the Gulf region are very much interested in strengthening cooperation with Israel.

"Noting that Azerbaijan, Turkiye and Israel understand the importance of trilateral partnership, Arab states also need to engage in the urgent cooperation with us to maintain the current order, security and strategic interests, as well as repel any dangerous attempts of Iran," - she added.

By Yunis Abdullayev


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