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31 January, Tuesday

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K. Nurullayeva: "Azerbaijan experienced all the negative aspects of the armed conflict" - VIDEO

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"Addressing gender inequality and power imbalances, as well as normative changes, are necessary to prevent conflict-related sexual violence." MP Konul Nurullayeva, mentioned these words during her speech on "Conflict-related sexual violence" in the PACE plenary session. According to her, Azerbaijan, as a country which suffered from occupation for a long time, experienced all the negative aspects of the armed conflict. Thus, during the Karabakh War, thousands of Azerbaijani women suffered from various types of sexual violence.

MP also touched on the visit of the Armenian Prime Minister's wife to Iran. She drew attention to many contradictory points related to this issue. She mentioned that Armenia, which occupied Azerbaijani territories for 30 years and played the role of murderer of children and women, is trying to present itself as an island of democracy.  Nevertheless, the controversial point is the visit of the Armenian Prime Minister's wife to Iran these days: " How can we justify her participation in the propaganda campaign of the ruling regime where only first ladies of 10 countries participated? Joining this event held in Iran contradicts the support of Armenia to the collective position of the Western countries on issues of democracy and human rights."

The MP also touched on the plans of the Azerbaijani government to implement the national action strategy, which defines the list of requirements for the reconstruction of Karabakh.

"The main part of the strategy, which will represent the beginning of a new era for Azerbaijani women, is the return of women whose rights have been violated to the liberated territories.  Therefore, the government of Azerbaijan understands the importance of this topic and supports all initiatives related to the prevention of sexual violence in armed conflicts", - MP stressed.

K.Nurullayeva drew attention to the fact that a legislative framework in accordance with international standards is prepared in Azerbaijan in order to emphasize the importance of gender equality in the political, economic and social spheres. As an example, she mentioned the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Prevention of Domestic Violence.

Moreover, she recommended that government efforts to end impunity for sexual assault offenders are to be fully implemented, providing a more protective legislative and policy framework for women, children and boys at risk, with a particular focus on rural and remote populations. MP emphasized that all parties must commit to preventing and solving sexual violence during the armed conflict, and ensure safe access for humanitarian service providers to provide assistance to victims of sexual and gender-based violence.

“Improving capacity to effectively prosecute cases of conflict-related sexual violence and provide reparations, including to survivors in rural and border areas, is critical. I believe that the given proposals will help to eliminate the possible gaps in the common response measures", - K. Nurullayeva mentioned.

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