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24 August, Saturday

Climate change may make trees live fast and die young

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World faces climate change as a global warning. Greennes of our planet plays vital issue for our life. Recent researches shows us that climate change has a impact on forests.

Some have suggested that increases in temperature driven by climate change could prove boost reforestation efforts, as warming temperatures speed up tree growth.

However, researchers from the University of Cambridge have found that accelerated tree growth will not lead to increases in carbon storage, reported. Instead, this accelerated growth will result in more carbon in the atmosphere because fast growth leads to less resilient trees that will die sooner.

In other words, even though increases in temperatures accelerate tree growth, trees that grow quickly will also die young.

The researchers discussed their findings in a study published in the journal Nature Communications.

For the study, the researchers collected and analyzed core samples taken from more than 1,100 mountain pine trees, dead and alive, from the Spanish Pyranese and 660 Siberian larch trees from the Russian Altai.

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