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6 August, Thursday

Google AI predicts lung cancer better than radiologists

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Google engineers have developed a new AI program capable of diagnosing lung cancer in patients more accurately than most human doctors.

In a study featured in the journal Nature Medicine, researchers trained a deep learning program to detect the malignancy with a success rate of 94.4 percent.

While Google AI is still considered a work in progress, it offers a brief glimpse of what the technology holds for the future of medicine.

Diagnosing Illnesses Using Deep Learning

By feeding AI programs with large amounts of data, the technology can be trained to identify different medical conditions that would otherwise be too difficult or too time-consuming for human doctors to detect.

These artificial neural networks make use of algorithms to help fine-tune their searches and allow them to learn as they do their work. The more information these AI are fed, the better they become at diagnosing illnesses.


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