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16 September, Monday

'Google's shadow work force' - Temps outnumber full-time employees

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High-tech companies have quite long propagated the belief that they have egalitarian, heavenly workplaces. Especially Google claimed a strong image of paying relatively fat salaries, extra advantages and benefits.

The company’s increasing reliance on temps and contractors has some Google employees wondering if management is undermining its carefully crafted culture.

According to the New York Times, As of March, Google worked with roughly 121,000 temps and contractors around the world, compared with 102,000 full-time employees.

Despite the fact Google temps share the same offices with full-time workers, they are mostly hired by outside agencies. Many former or current Google temps and contract workers told that they are less paid, have different benefit plans,, no paid vacation in the USA compared to full-time workers.

Besides discrimination and unfair treatment, Google temps face the uncertainty of being renewed contracts. This averts them publicly speak up against unfair treatments. And if they do, the chance of extending contracts for next term will melt away.

In March 2019 More that 900 Google workers have reportedly signed a letter claiming more favourable job conditions for the extended workforces.




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