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16 September, Monday

Apple getting ready to kill off iTunes app

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Apple considering a potential demise of the iTunes app isn’t a new thing, but according to a new report, the company is actually very close to making the final step in this regard.

Bloomberg says Apple would retire iTunes as soon as this year, and the very first confirmation in this regard could be offered at WWDC next week.

iTunes, which will first go dark on macOS, but then expect to get the ax on Windows too, will be replaced by a total of three standalone apps called Music, TV, and Podcasts. By the looks of things, Apple hopes to create more consistency on its platforms, so the firm wants its desktop offering to come in line with the one on the iPhone.

The Windows plans

There’s a lot we don’t know at this point, but Apple killing off iTunes and investing more in standalone apps could be a way to put the focus more on the services that are bringing home the bacon for the company.

Apple’s services are currently one of the biggest cash cows for the Cupertino giant, and separate apps for each of them might eventually make it easier for customers to use them regardless of platform, while at the same time offering better consistency when switching from one device to another.

Regarding plans for Windows 10, it’s believed this particular version could stick around for a little longer than the macOS sibling, mostly because Apple wants the new approach to be implemented gradually. It all starts with its own platform before being expanded to Windows at a later time.

Apple has also released a Windows 10 version of iTunes, so presumably, the company is working on Store versions of Music, TV, and Podcasts as well, albeit this is something that remains to be seen given that Microsoft now also allows Win32 in the Microsoft Store.


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