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27 June, Thursday

Social business model is discussed at the IEPF - PHOTOS

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Deputy Director of Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project Gulbaniz Ganbarova and business specialist in Women's Development Group Ahmed Aliyev visited met with the directory of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF). The meeting was dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship opportunities among rural women and the promotion of social business in women's groups. Coordinator of Azerbaijan Yunus Social Business Center Farida Askerzade also participated in the discussions.

Gulbaniz Ganbarova thanked IEPF President Umud Mirzayev for his contribution in the highly professional translation to Azerbaijani language the book "Banker to the Poor", written by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. She spoke about the social mobilization of women in rural areas, the transfer of infrastructure projects to the community representatives, and the work that is being done for the improvement of women's abilities.

The activities of 6 pilot women groups in rural areas of Azerbaijan within the project and their life stories were discussed during the meeting. As a result of the project, future prospects of the Rural Women's Association, created by women beneficiaries were discussed. The sides agreed that it is very important to disseminate the success stories from the book among women. For this reason, it was agreed that more translated books to be printed and spread in the nearest time.  

Umud Mirzayev spoke about the work done by the IEPF on the basis of the social business model in agricultural development. He also highlighted the surveys conducted on needs assessment and preparation of final concept, done in cooperation with Yunus Center. He spoke about the specific model of the development mentioned in the book "Banker to the Poor" with its reforms in our country.

Farida Askerzade stressed the importance of re-publication of the concept of social business for the promotion of social business idea and the publication of the book "Banker to the Poor". She touched upon discussions with the Azerbaijan State Economic University (UNEC).

Ramil Azizov, Vice-President of the IEPF, said that the replication of social business in our country is a good example for the world.

Finally, it was agreed to continue mutual discussions to support rural women's groups.





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