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19 August, Monday

Representatives of Rotary Club met with the IEPF president - VIDEO - PHOTOS

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Official representatives of the world-famous Rotary Club are on a visit to Azerbaijan. On January 23, they paid a visit to the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) and met with Umud Mirzayev, President of the Organization.

Altan Arslan, the senior representative of the Rotary club in Eurasia, spoke about the club's main mission and future plans.

He noted that the club has 1,200.000 members. These members are called "Rotarian". Overall, there are 36,000 Rotary clubs around the world. These clubs are located in 200 different districts. There are 2 clubs in Azerbaijan and 85 in Turkey. 

"I am a representative of District 2430 which includes Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, and Uzbekistan."

Altan Arslan also said that his main mission is to enhance and develop Rotary clubs in these countries.

"All Rotary clubs will know about the IEPF projects and the problems they are working on. I think this is what we have to do. I consider our cooperation as necessary. Together with mine clearance project, we can develop and implement many successful projects. Such projects can increase the number of Rotarians internationally".

IEPF President Umud Mirzayev said that he shares the same views.

"Today there are many things that are necessary for human beings and humanity as a whole. We are ready to cooperate with you in all possible projects and events. In my opinion, many humanitarian projects should be implemented so more people know about Rotary Club and its work for civilians. "

Altan Arslan, in turn, said that they will be pleased to cooperate with the IEPF and that the IEPF can be Rotary's voice.

He also provided detailed information about the Rotary Fund and noted that this fund was formed in 1917. "Rotary Fund" is the main structure financing the club's activities in various fields. Finances are being provided by the expense of members.

According to Altan Arslan, PolioPlus has been struggling against poliomyelitis since 1988 with the financial support of the Rotary Fund.

"In Nigeria, cases of poliomyelitis have been reduced to zero, which points to the success of the project."

The biggest supporter of the Polio project is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Three days ago, Bill Gates has interviewed to Times newspaper. Bill Gates notes that the best work he has ever seen in his life was the support to Rotary to fight against polio.

Altan Arslan said that the Gates Foundation has allocated $ 950 million to the Rotary Fund and guarantees that the allocated funds will be increased to $ 1 billion 858 million in the following years.

According to Altan Arslan, Rotary Club is closely cooperating with the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

"Rotary's strength comes from its members, qualified and professional people."

The guests, including Altan Arslan, invited the IEPF to the annual conference to be held in Baku on May 9-12. Altan Arslan appealed to IEPF President Umud Mirzayev, saying: "We invite you and your organization to attend our annual conference with more than 500 Rotarians. At the same time, we ask you to provide us with media support. It is a very important issue for us to gain media support from you as from the organization which enjoys General Consultative status with UN ECOSOC. "

Umud Mirzayev, in his turn, accepted the invitation and said that cooperation between Rotary Club and IEPF in the media sphere will be successful.

"We have always supported the implementation of various social and humanitarian projects and activities aimed to improve the living conditions of IDPs and refugees settled in different parts of the country, as a result of the Karabakh war, which resulted in the occupation of Azerbaijani lands. 

"Azerbaijan is the only country in the world divided into two as a result of the occupation, representative of Rotary said.

Then, the guests were demonstrated a short film prepared by the IEPF about the lives of children living close to the occupied territories.












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