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21 July,

'March to Tbilisi' - 'Don't send money to where greedy oligarch rules' - Saakashvili

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Several days ago strange events occured in quiet Belgian town of Liege: people screamed, chased each other and fought, and even used tear spay. All of this was captured on camera. That's how the World Congress of Georgians, initiated by ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili, began in Liege. Right now hundreds of thousands of Georgian emigrants live in the EU countries. Saakashvili urged all of them "to return home together."

Congress in Liege was organized in the framework of the "Together at Home" emmigrant movement. Former president convinces compatriots living in Europe that current "corrupt regime" prevents them from returning to their homeland, forcing them to live in foreign lands. An attempt of Saakashvili’s opponents to disrupt this congress resulted in fights and drew attention of Georgian public to this movement.

Before this new "march to Tbilisi", Saakashvili urges Georgian emigrants to temporarily stop sending money to their homeland, "where greedy oligarch rules." At the same time, his party began to gather signatures, demanding to abolish majority elections and began the transition to fully proportional system of elections to the parliament. In case their demands won't be fulfilled, supporters of former president threaten to hold mass protests in the capital and in other Georgian cities, demanding resignation of the government and early parliamentary elections. Next elections are scheduled for autumn of 2020.

However, due to his unpredictability, radicalism and extreme populism, Saakashvili scares some Georgian emigrants, who have already told him "no" 6 years ago and chose quiet and peaceful life in Europe.

Vestnik Kavkaza

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