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27 June, Thursday

IEPF and AIESEC in Azerbaijan held one day Leadership Forum - PHOTOS

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The International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) and AIESEC in Azerbaijan held one day Forum “LiderSƏN: You wish You had” with participation of more than 50 students from different universities such as ADA University, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, University of Economics, Technical University, Baku State University and others. The event was held in the office of the International Eurasia Press Fund and aimed to address the challenges most of the youth face in their path to success and how they can improve their leadership features, Eurasia Diary informs.

IEPF Vice-President Ramil Azizov and Local Committee Vice President of Marketing Department at AIESEC Nigar Panahova welcomed the guests and wished them good luck in their quest to become leaders.

Assistant to the President Anastasia Lavrina talked about the IEPF’s key work directions and invited the participants to join the program initiated by the organization to support youth development.

The short movie about the children and their life in the war-affected regions of Azerbaijan, prepared by the IEPF, was screened for the participants.

Nusrat Aliyev spoke about the history of AIESEC and presented the Global Volunteer movement initiated by the AIESEC.

Anar Mustafayev, member of AIESEC shared his personal experience on work for Global Volunteer movement.

The event consisted of two parts: interactive seminar and workshop with the participation of the invited guests, Philip Roche and Maxene Whittingham from British School in Baku.

The speakers spoke about their personal experience of leadership and how they usually overcome the difficulties they face. In teamwork, participants were divided in several groups. Philip Roche and Maxene Whittingham initiated several exercises which helped the participants to develop leadership and teamwork skills at the same time.

In addition, the discussions were organized to make the participants understand how they can make an impact to this world and become a part of global movements. Apart from it, the participants were provided information about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how the youth can contribute to the achievement of the Agenda 2030.

The Forum was held in two languages: Azerbaijani and English.

At the end of the event one of the invited participants Taewon Seo, EuroKor Business Connector from South Korea shared his impressions.

“It was more than coincidence that I was attracted to the uphill of Baku on the last day of my stay in Azerbaijan. I met the Future of Azerbaijan there at the Leadership Forum. Through insightful and cheerful youths, I could see the bright future of this country. Leadership does not come from authority but from influence. I was deeply impressed by the young generation of Azerbaijan who will lead their country joyfully.

Azerbaijan is the first or the last European country to me who came from the very Far East of the Eurasia continent. I hope to take my part here to build up a prosper able to bridge between Europe and Korea”.

All participants were awarded with certificates. Mutual photos were taken.

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