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21 September, Saturday

I want European eyes - Kyrgyz woman made double eyelid surgery - VIDEO

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In the past, Alina Makhmedova taped her eyelids to change the shape of her eyes. About a year ago, the resident of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan's capital, signed up for a so-called "Asian blepharoplasty" or double eyelid surgery.

After consulting with her friends, she turned to Instagram where many surgeons have personal profiles showcasing their work to find the right specialist for her.

The operation is so popular that she will have to wait a year and a half for her first appointment.

"There are many surgeons in Bishkek, but those who do their work well always have long queues," she told Euronews.

The 29-year-old university professor decided to go ahead with the operation about a year ago. According to her, deep-set eyes — which give the illusion of a prominent brow bone — are considered the "beauty standard" in Kyrgyzstan, where Asian features are more common.

"We generally admire the eyes and not other facial features. When someone praises someone in front of me, they say: 'Here, this girl has such expressive deep-set eyes!' Few people in our country admire an Asian eye shape," she said.

Her desire for a new eye shape eclipses any fears she has about the risks of going under the scalpel.

"I look at the photos and think to myself, why does everyone have such expressive eyes? And mine are the only narrow and unnoticeable ones. I want my features to be more visible in photos. I think it will change my life. I will love myself more, admire myself more," she argued.


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