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18 September, Wednesday

"Good Bye School" holiday was held at Garadag district Heydar Aliyev Center

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The festive holiday "Good Bye School", dedicated to graduation of 11 "D" class of secondary school No. 233 in the Lokbatan settlement, was held on June 8 in the Garadagh district Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Eurasia Diary reports.
The event was attended by invited guests, Member of Parliament, deputy head of the Executive Power of the Garadagh district, director and teachers of the school, as well as former graduates.
The event started with the congratulations of graduates and the performance of the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The director of the school No. 233 , named after Jamil Niftaliyev, Gular Babirova, congratulated the graduates on graduating from high school and entering adulthood.
“This year, 75 out of 88 graduates of our school entered the higher education institutions and received student status. Our school was established in 1963, and became one of the best educational institutions. In the Garadagh district, the school takes the 7th place in terms of the level of education. Today, we are happy to release our next graduation of talented students into the adult life.”
Member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan, chairman of the Russian community of Azerbaijan, Mikhail Zabelin, made a speech where he wished the graduates to have success and great achievements in later life. He also spoke about a number of educational programs and scholarships, such as “Scholarship of the Mayor of Moscow” program, which supports students who successfully study at higher educational institutions in Russian and have a difficult financial situation.
“School years are the best time, the memory of which remains for life. Never forget your teachers, your friends and your parents who are always with you. Our country relies on you and needs your energy and your talents. ”
The holliday was accompanied by students' performances, musical performances and dances, including songs of Muslim Magomayev "Azerbaijan" and dance of the flag "tricolor".
Deputy Head of the Executive Power of the Garadagh District Tarana Ismayilova, spoke on behalf of the Head of the Executive Power Suleiman Mikayilov. She wished success to graduates and congratulated them on graduation.
“This is a certain stage in your life, which has been successfully passed, and now a new, no less interesting period awaits you. You enter adult life as individuals with a strong character, diligence and desire to achieve great success. Do not be afraid of your ambitions and go to your goal, even if this goal, at first glance, seems to be impossible.”
One of the graduates of the school No. 233, assistant to the President of the International Eurasia Press Fund, leading Eurasian political analyst Anastasia Lavrina, congratulated the graduates and spoke about her achievements after the graduation.
“Never think that if you graduated from a school in the settlement, not in the city, you will not be able to achieve success. It all depends on you and your efforts. Get a good education, take an active part in various programs and projects for young people, of which there are many in our country. There is a huge number of opportunities that our state offers for young people, and you have every chance to build a successful career.”
The classroom teacher Natalia Paramonova, gave a parting speech. She said a few kind words about each student individually, recalling the most memorable moments.
“I wish my graduates a happy journey into adult life and more good people along the way! Never forget your school and your teachers.”
It was the most sentimental moment of the event, when even students and parents could not hold back tears. Words of gratitude were addressed to all teachers and especially to the classroom teacher.
It is worth noting that Natalia Paramonova has outstanding professional experience as a teacher of history, organizer of a number of major events, a public figure and a classroom teacher. This is her 3rd calss where she acts as a classroom teacher.
The event was completed with a dance to the music of Strauss Viennese Waltz by the graduates of the 11th “D” class.


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