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28 February, Friday

High Court of Justice - Zamira Hajiyeva has one week

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Zamira Hajiyeva, a wife of a state banker Elman Hajiyev jailed for fraud in Azerbaijan, has lost her appeal against a National Crime Agency bid to seize her luxury London home, Eurasia Diary reports citing Report News Agency.

The Court of Appeal has rejected Zamira Hajiyeva's attempt to stop the UK's first-ever Unexplained Wealth Order from being implemented against her.

In one week, Z. Hajiyeva must reveal how she became wealthy enough to buy a mansion near Harrods and a golf course in Berkshire.

She faces losing the properties if she can't provide proof of income.

Z. Hajiyeva denies all wrongdoing, and she has not been charged with a crime in the UK.

Hajiyeva must now provide the NCA with a full account of the sources of her wealth - including how she was able to buy her £15m home and the Mill Ride Golf Course in Berkshire.

If she cannot provide evidence that satisfies the investigators, they can then return to court to ask another judge to make a separate order to seize the property.

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