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6 December,

"Activity of the media in quarantine regime is satisfactory"

Umud Rahimoglu: "Successful activity of Internet media should especially be emphasised"

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Obviously many serious steps have been taken in our country in the fight against coronavirus, The works that have been done by state in this direction are significant.
I wonder what is the place and role of the media in the fight against coronavirus? Is the press able to cope with this task?
Speaking to Moderator.az, Deputy Chairman of the Press Council, Head of the International Eurasia Press Fun Umud Rahimoglu said he considered the activity of the media satisfactory:
"As you know, the coronavirus has created certain difficulties in all areas. As everywhere in the world, our country is experiencing tense days. The second wave of the pandemic is already being felt. Serious quarantine measures were carried out in major cities of the country, including Baku, on Saturday and Sunday last week.
The coronavirus has also created certain difficulties for the media. However, the media is trying to regulate its activities at the expense of modern technology. The media strives to provide the public with the necessary information. From this point of view, I think that the activity of the media can be considered acceptable.
Look, you called me after work at 7:30. The press is an area where the work schedule covers 24 hours. the way you phone me up this hour informs me about the activity, dynamism of our media, working day and night. There is a lot of work to be done on online media, social media, especially television. The activity of Internet media should be especially emphasised.
In short, I consider the work of the media in this direction veery satisfactory, and I think it has done a tremendous job so far."

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