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20 October, Tuesday

The Korean scientist was awarded an honorary diploma of the IEPF

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The International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) has awarded Professor Eunkyung Ohu, a well-known Korean Turkologist, with the honorary diploma of “Ambassador of Culture”. Korean Turkologist was awarded this high prize for strengthening friendship and cultural ties between the peoples of the Eurasian space, and for her works in translating and promoting the literature of Azerbaijan and the Turkic peoples as a whole. She has made great contributions to the study of the cultural heritage and folklore of the Turkic peoples.

Eunkyung Oh Donkduk is a professor at Women's University, director of the Eurasian Institute for Turkish Studies, editor-in-chief of the English-language journal of Eurasian Turkology Studies, UNESCO Representative for Asia-Pacific countries, member of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences, and ministerial adviser to the Korean president.

The Journal of Turkic Studies, edited by her, possesses a strong reputation for conducting and researching joint cultural studies between the Korean and Turkic-speaking peoples. To date, the Korean expert has published more than 150 studies on Turkological issues.

Among the published scientific researches of the author, who is an honorary member of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan, are “Korean War in Turkish Literature” (Turkish), “Women in 20th Century Turkish and Korean Literature” (Turkish), “Comparative Analysis of Turkish and Korean Heroic Epics” (Uzbek and Russian)  and her other books have special importance.

Eunkyung Oh also translated the works of prominent Turkish and Azerbaijani writers into the Korean language as well as works of many prominent Korean writers into various Turkish languages.   

Her monograph "Women in twentieth-century Turkish and Korean literature" was published in Azerbaijan in 2020.

Eunkyung Oh is also engaged in public activities. She defends Azerbaijan's just position on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and reveals the realities of the January 20 and Khojaly tragedies in her research.

The researcher, who is fluent in the languages of most Turkic peoples, is the author of numerous studies and documentaries about the lives of Turkish nations.

Currently, the Encyclopaedia on the Turkish World in the Korean language is being prepared for publication under her editorship.

The award will be presented at the appropriate time after the end of the pandemic restrictions. It should be noted that the IEPF's "Ambassador of Culture" award was previously given to an honoured artist of Azerbaijan Gochag Asgarov (Azerbaijan), Eleni and Suzana Vugiukli (Greece), Pierre de Tregomena (France), and Uzeyir Novruzov (America), who was included in the Guinness Book of Records for his extraordinary abilities.

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