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17 April, Saturday

Azerbaijan boosts electricity export to Georgia in January

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Azerbaijan increased the volume of electricity exported to neighbouring Georgia by 1.9 times or 96 percent more year-on-year in January 2021, Eurasia Diary reports citing Azernews. 

Last month, the country exported 151.7 million kWh of electricity to Georgia, thus being the largest electricity supplier of Georgia.

It should be noted that Georgia imported $10.8 million worth of electricity, which accounts for 1.8 percent of the country’s foreign trade imports.

The volume of electricity imported from Azerbaijan to Turkey via Georgia decreased. Thus, in January, some 12.7 million kWh of electricity was exported from Azerbaijan to Turkey, which is by 51.8 percent less than during the same month of 2020.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan was Georgia’s largest electricity supplier in 2020, accounting for 45 percent of the country’s total electricity import. Georgia imported 1.6 billion kWh of electricity worth $64.5 million, of which Azerbaijan's electricity export to Georgia amounted to 726 million kWh.

Azerbaijan was also Georgia’s main bitumen supplier in 2020, accounting for 63.8 percent of this country's total imports of bitumen. At the same time, Azerbaijan was the largest diesel fuel supplier to Georgia in 2020 as well, accounting for 19.4 percent of total imports.

The trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Georgia amounted to $536.2 million in 2020. Out of the total turnover, export of Azerbaijani products to Georgia amounted to $461.9 million, while import from Georgia to $74.2 million.

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