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21 April, Wednesday

Woman in Istanbul throws four kids from building’s window to... - VIDEO

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A woman rescued her four children from a burning building in Istanbul by throwing them out of a window, and all of them are doing fine, Turkish media reported.

The mother threw the children from a third-floor window amid black smoke from the fire on Wednesday. Video captured each child falling as volunteers stretched out a blanket to catch them.
Bystanders were heard screaming amid sounds of alarms. Some shouted at the woman not to drop the children.
The children were carried to ambulances, and Turkish media reported they were uninjured. The mother was hospitalized as a precaution and then discharged, according to news reports.
The fire, which began in an electrical panel, was extinguished. Two other children and two older adults were also rescued.
In June 2019, a 17-year-old Algerian teen saved the life of a toddler as she plummeted from a second-floor window in Istanbul.
Fawzi Zabaat was walking in the working-class district of Fatih when he saw the two-year-old Syrian girl playing near the open window of her apartment.
On the video, he was seen trying to alert those around him, before stepping in to catch her as she hurtles towards the pavement.
The teenager has remained modest, when interviewed by news agencies.
"I was just walking in the road when I saw the little girl at the window. She fell, and thanks to God, I caught her before she hit the ground," he said.


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