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25 September, Saturday

Azerbaijan marks 146the anniversary of national press

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Today, Azerbaijani journalists and media staff celebrate the 146th anniversary of the establishment of national press in Azerbaijan. 

On July 22, 1875, Hasan Bey Zardabi, who was a one of most prominent intellectual figures and publicists, founded "Ekinchi" newspaper. His newspaper operated in Azerbaijani language. 

The main aim of Ekinchi newspaper was to enlighten and literate local people in Azerbaijan. Newspaper was playing progressive and significant role in the development of enlightenment among Azerbaijani people. The themes of newspaper covered science, education, history, culture, agriculture and social issues. 

In 1877, it was closed by Tsarist regime to prevent its activities educate and enlighten people. 

After 1877, at the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century, as well as in the period of Soviet regime, many newspapers and journals operated in Azerbaijan. Some of them played positive and beneficial role in the development of enlightenment and education in Azerbaijan. 

There are also many newspapers and journals published in modern Azerbaijan now. The development of information technologies made Azerbaijan as a part of the global information network. Hundreds of journalists have an opportunity today to improve their professional skills in the training courses organized by international organizations. The Professional Code of the Journalists had a positive impact on the solution of the media problems.

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