The well-known Irish historian visited the IEPF office -

6 December, Monday

The well-known Irish historian visited the IEPF office

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On October 27, prominent Irish historian Patrick Walsh visited the office of International Eurasia Press Fund and met with Umud Mirzyev, the president of the Fund.

Umid Mirzayev gave information to guest on the background and activities of the organisation. He noted that the main purpose of the establishment of the organisation was to bring Karabakh realties and Azerbaijani people’s tragedies to the attention of the world. Mirzayev also said that his organisation invited foreign journalists to Azerbaijan and took them to the intense areas of conflict during the First Karabakh war.

During conversation, Umud Mirzayev talked about the campaign of ethnic cleansing against local Azerbaijanis and the brutal crimes committed by Armenian nationalists against the innocent Azerbaijani population in Armenia in the period of 1988. “ Unfortunaely, the world has remained silent to Karabakh tragedy. No one listened to grievances and problems of over one million refugees and IDPs who have been forced to leave their native lands as a result of conflict. No serious measures have been carried out against Armenian separatism, which is a big sickness. I have repeatedly made speeches at the conferences of the United Nations and the State Department of the United States about Armenian occupation and realities of the Karabakh tragedy. Our organization has expressed its support for non-aggression and peacebuilding in all international events.”

“We could not find any alternative way. As a result, Azerbaijan Armed Forces have been forced to launch large-scale counter-attacks along the front line. In the 44 day war, Azerbaijani army was able to liberate its lands from occupation and put an end to the conflict”.

At the same time, the IEPF president informed the guest that the organisation has fulfilled the important works in five spheres – media and civil society, Community Development, the problems of refugees and IDPs, conflict and Peacebuilding and education.  He also noted that the organisation has a strong cooperation with various international organisations and media agencies.

In his turn, the Irish historian Patrick Walsh, who gave information about his activities and scientific works, initially talked about his articles and books on the historical realities of the Caucasus and Azerbaijan.

Dr Walsh said that his first visit to Azerbaijan had been in 2018 to participate in the event of “March Massacres” in Baku. After the event, he had a chance to visit the monument for victims of genocide erected in Guba.

Patrich Walsh, who had positive impression of Azerbaijan during his first visit, said that he had written a number of books and scientific articles to reach the historical realities of Karanakh conflict to the attention of the world.

He regretted that most of population in the western world had little information on the realities of Azerbaijan and supported Armenian lies and nonsense narratives.

Patrick Walsh also noted that he had completed his book on the 44-day war and the victory of Azerbaijan, and added that the book would be published soon.

The Irish historian who is admired beauty of Azerbaijan shared his views on the region. The historian believes that Azerbaijan's victory in the Second Karabakh War and the end of the Armenian occupation has led to geopolitical changes in the region: “Azerbaijan has established peace and stability in the region by liberating its lands from the Armenian occupation. The end of the Armenian occupation will bring economic development and social prosperity to the region. During the post-conflict period, Azerbaijan is seriously engaged in reconstruction and construction work in Karabakh, which has been ruined by Armenian vandalism. The main goal of Azerbaijan is to resettle refugees and IDPs in their native lands after reconstruction”.

Patrick Walsh stressed that Armenia had been forced to accept the realities after serious defeat. Moreover, he noted that the victory of a political leader, who lost the war, in the elections is unprecedented in history.

"I can tell you that British leader Winston Churchill, the winner of World War II, lost the parliamentary elections in 1945. As for Armenia, the victory of the leader of the defeated country in the last elections is the strangest occasion in history. Pashinyan is now facing very difficult challenges. Opposition forces in the country do not want peace with Azerbaijan. However, both Pashinyan and the opposition must understand that Armenia should engage in the peace negotiations with its neighbour. Armenia has no other option”.

“Armenia has politically, economically and militarily collapsed. There is also a crisis of demography in the country. Armenia should put aside aggressive nationalism and think about its development and prosperity,” he added.

Patrick Walsh is a well-known researcher and expert on the history of Ottoman Empire and South Caucasus of early 20th century. He is an author of books and scientific articles. He has highlighted the realities and truths of Azerbaijan in his books and articles.  

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