The reportage on the 30th anniversary of IEPF - PHOTOS -

4 February, Saturday

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The reportage on the 30th anniversary of IEPF - PHOTOS

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September 4 is 30th anniversary of the establishment of the International Eurasia Press Fund. presents a reportage prepared by Oguz Ayvaz about IEPF on the occasion of this day.

Thirty years ago, in 1992, the independent non-governmental organization, registered by the government, the International Eurasia Press Fund was established.

IEPF works in cooperation with UN agencies, United Nations Development Program, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, United States Research Operations Center,US State Department, European Commission, NATO, World Bank, International Press Institute, International Federation of journalists, embassies of foreign countries in the Republic of Azerbaijan, ministries, agencies, as well as local and international non-governmental organizations in the region.

IEPF works in 5 key areas: Media & Civil Society Development; Community Development; Refugees/IDPs Issues; Peace-making & Conflict Resolution and Education. IEPF has made significant achievements in peacemaking, conflictology and protection of human rights. Since its first days, the Fund has taken the responsibility to research best methods of study and settlement of the ethnic and military conflicts in the Caucasus.

First, the President of the International Eurasia Press Fund, Umud Mirzayev commented on the historical activities of the IEPF;

"I would like to remind that thirty years ago, there was an important discussion about the creation of IEPF among several people. I remember that nearly twenty people acted as initiators at the event about the establishment of the public institution in Moscow. Later, we announced the official establishment of IEPF. We have created IEPF to reach our voice and agonies of our country to the attention of the international community. Thirty years of our activity gives reason to say that we have managed to pass the difficult path, as well as to achieve breakthrough in the different areas. I believe that today IEPF exists and will continue to exist, because it has a large biography, archive, at the same it has made many statements and hosted conferences, national and global events. On our 30th anniversary, we think that we should be together with the friends of IEPF and those who supported it".

Umud Mirzayev also noted that the main aim of why he tried to found the public institution is to reach realities regarding Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, as well as to assist refugees and internally displaced people who had been forced leave their homelands as a result of Armenian occupation.

"The main reason of why the Karabakh problem began thirty years ago was that the Soviet propaganda machine worked directly for the Dashnaktsutyun party. This was the mission of the Kremlin, led by Gorbachev. This was a main cause of all conflicts in the areas of the Post-soviet region. Today, we continue to see the non-objective information at the root of conflict in Ukraine today. Because people still don't know what is happening in this country".

Editor in chief of, Vusale Balayeva highlighted the recent successful mission and activities of the International Eurasia Press Fund;

“Since its establishment, The Fund's president Umud Mirzayev had always intention to reach information about the violated rights of Azerbaijan people, the occupation of our lands by Armenians, to the attention of the world. Together with all of them, IEPF has also worked on the problems of refugees and the preparation of the reports on Armenian atrocities in our lands liberated from Armenian occupation. IEPF is a well-known non-governmental institution in not only Azerbaijan, but also in the different parts of the world.  Currently, IEPF has a joint project with ANAMA”.

Vusala Balayeva also added; “The IEPF continues its mission in a better and more useful way. At present, mine clearance and education processes are underway in the lands liberated from Armenian occupation. In order to protect the safety of people who want to return to their lands, the number of meetings with them are being organized in Agdam and Lachin to teach them about the insecurities of mines”.

Vusala Balayeva congratulated IEPF: "My wish is for our organization to have a long life. May it always continue its benevolent mission in all fields.  Let's do more beautiful and successful works. Happy 30th anniversary".

Rey Kerimoglu, a former employee of IEPF, congratulated the organization on the occasion of its anniversary;

"The International Eurasia Press Fund is an organization acting in the multi-field direction of activity in Azerbaijan. I would like to note that the main goal of this organization is to strive for peace at home, peace in the country and peace in the world. IEPF has a lot of works to do in Karabakh. It is necessary to clear the territories from the contamination of mines, and provide the international community with objective and true information about what is happening in this region. It is necessary to prepare and implement projects related to the problems of IDPs. IEPF has been involved in education, IDPs, landmine victims and other similar issues. It will be more widely engaged after the liberation of our lands, which is one of the main priorities”.

Rey also talked about the work done by Umud Mirzayev:

"When Umud Mirzayev spoke at the UN conference on education, he was reaching information about the fact that more than 1 million people have been deprived of the right to study in their homeland as a result of the occupation of our lands by Armenians. He also told that the occupation of the Sarsang reservoir has caused lack of water in seven regions.

IEPF's purpose of creation is to deliver objective information to the attention of the world in conflict zones. At the root of all conflicts there is the lack of objective information. When there is correct and objective information, people can make the right decision

I express my gratitude that the foundation of such an organization has been laid. The architect of this work is Umud Mirzayev. I would even say that his family was with him when this fund was created.

I wish you luck. I wish that the Azerbaijani society recognizes a great organization – IEPF”.

Yunis Abdullayev, a reporter of, also shared his comments about the anniversary of IEPF;

"The International Eurasia Press Fund is a one of the leading influential organizations both in Azerbaijan and in the international world. This organization has done a lot of remarkable works for our country which is well-known to the high and middle elite, as well as citizens, mass media and non-governmental organizations. He has invited journalists from different countries to our country. He has brought the facts of Karabakh to the attention of the international community, international media and even international organizations like United Nations. I hope that the IEPF will have opportunities to open its new offices in the lands liberated from Armenian occupation, mainly in Hadrut, Shusha, Lachin, Aghdam.

I wish the fund to achieve successes in its future activities, I wish the fund to have impact in ensuring stability, prosperity and peace in the region."

Ayaz Mirzayev, a former partner of the IEPF, has also get opportunity to comment on its activity;

"IEPF is a school. Special knowledge is taught in this school. Graduating here and receiving a diploma is also a source of pride. I have worked here in various positions for nearly three years. IEPF's work is very large in scale. I can mention not only about the current activities of the IEPF, but also a large number of projects implemented by this organization during the year. The promotion of peace in the international field, to explore information concerning the conflict-areas of countries, at the same time the achievement of dialogue between different groups is the main goal of IEPFs activity, There are also activities such as working on increasing the knowledge and skills of journalists, inviting various foreign trainers to Azerbaijan. The major aim is, of course, peace."

Former vice-president of IEPF Ramil Azizov also shared his impressions about the anniversary;

"Congratulations, IEPF is a great school. As a person who has worked at IEPF for a long time, I can say that when the name of this institution comes up in the international arena, influential personalities and representatives of various international organizations always treat it with respect. IEPF has created a circle of interest in the world agenda with its activities in various directions. As a result of the efforts of Umud muellim, as a result of his strong will, this organization has risen to a higher position and is known to worldwide”.

In the editorial office, Oguz Ayvaz has also received the opinion of the leading journalist of and professional trainer of "Al-Jazeera Media Network", Mohammad Ghulam Bouba:

"Since I got to know the International Eurasia Press Fund closely, I have witnessed that the president of the organization Umud Mirzayev is always hardworking. When I paid attention to his work schedule, I have actually witnessed that this man is active for 12 hours. He is really doing great things for the journalism. What he is doing for journalism and journalistic ethics is a great message. This message is also based on the 10-year cooperation of the organization he founded with us - Al Jazeera. This cooperation has been further strengthened by the memorandum signed in March for the purpose of developing mutual and joint relations. As a result of joint activities, Al-Jazeera and IEPF have already organized the joint trainings for journalists. IEPF has been often visited by ambassadors and other influential personalities. Indeed, Umud muellim is a hardworking person. I know so many officials who do not like to stand up from their chairs. However, this person never liked to sit on that chair, despite being constantly active 24 hours a day. I told my friend Ahmed about it. I told him that this person was always active. He has never avoid doing hard works. It seems to me that what makes him so professional is the hard work he puts in."

IEPF's Nigerian partner, John Ayomide, expressed gratitude for the organization for creating opportunities for him to work here;

"Since 2015, I have been participating in the "International Students Club" organized by IEPF. After 6 years, I have started working as an employee of the institution. Now, I am working here in the program department. IEPF is an organization like a family and a school. There is also an opportunity to build a career in this organization. Umud Mirzayev has created good conditions for many foreign students here. I am one of those students. I still work at IEPF today. I sincerely congratulate IEPF, especially Umud. I wish you more success."

Translated by Yunis Abdullayev










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