The 8th Congress of Azerbaijani journalists address President -

8 December, Thursday

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The 8th Congress of Azerbaijani journalists address President

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The participants of the 8th Congress of Azerbaijani journalists have addressed the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev.
Ednews informs that the appeal has been sounded by the Deputy Chairman of the Press Council, President of the International Eurasia Press Fund, Umud Rahimoglu.
It is noted in the appeal;
"Azerbaijani journalism has played an active role in maintaining the centuries-old traditions of our people, in the formation of the idea of ​​independence, as well fulfilling a historical mission. Our press, which was founded by the great thinker and enlightener, Hasan Bey Zardabi, called our people to fight for holy deeds and ensured the unity of our solidarity with the thinking of statehood. The founder of the modern independent Republic of Azerbaijan, Great Leader Heydar Aliyev, in his speeches, meetings with media representatives, and the state documents which he signed, highly appreciated this mission of our press, its contribution to the awakening of national consciousness, and the processes of national self-awareness. He saw journalism as an important public institution in state administration, and turned this approach into a management model, making it an integral part of democratic, secular state building.
Dear Mr. President, you have given continuity to the ideological line in journalism by sticking to the course determined by the National leader with visionary. This line included many important points, from the improvement of journalistic professionalism to the strengthening of the material and technical base of media organizations, as well as the social and living conditions of our journalists. The multifaceted reform program being implemented under your leadership also covers journalism. It is our expectation and dream that our media organizations with special weight in the Caucasian geography are ready for the competition with the prestigious information resources of the world.
Mr. President, during the 44-day Patriotic War, the ideas in your interviews with the world's global media organizations formed the main basis of our information war with the enemy. There could be no greater happiness than witnessing victorious war and the liberation of our land from the enemy. 
We also inform you that your determination in protecting our national interest against the background of the global processes taking place in the world is the most important creative topic of Azerbaijani journalists. Preparing materials and conducting analyses in this direction is of special importance for us. What makes us strong and proud is our deep conviction that this activity is for the sake of our Motherland.
Honorable Mr. President, the 8th congress of Azerbaijani journalists is determining the highest tasks which are important for our national information resources. We declare that we are ready to perform important tasks for the strengthening of our state and statehood by relying on the rich essence of the media policy of the state of Azerbaijan. 
We wish you new successes in your sacred activities aimed at the prosperity of our Motherland."


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