Live-fire tactical exercises held in Azerbaijan Army military units

According to the training plan for 2023 approved by the Defense Minister, live-fire tactical exercises of one of the military units were held on the combined-arms range, Edneüs informs, citing MoD.
The activities of the units related to the accomplishment of the tasks were clarified on the map, and the reports on the decisions made by the commanders were heard.
The units carried out tactical redeployment in different ways, advanced in the direction of the area where the imaginary enemy is supposed to commit provocation, and carried out practical shootings from small arms.
During the live-fire tactical exercises, motorized rifle units successfully accomplished the tasks on detection and neutralization of imaginary enemy targets.
The exercises focused on improving the combat capability of the units, including the development of the field and practical skills of the military personnel.

Air Defense Units of Azerbaijan Army carry out combat firing