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18 July, Thursday

Preliminary reading of the Pittsburgh incident in Pennsylvania - EXCLUSIVE

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We love and respect all the heavenly religions because they are from only one tree, Prophet and grandfather Abraham, peace be upon him - thus, as per the blood, the Jews are the cousins of the Muslims. We are against any such acts of violence, especially the incident occurred at one of Pittsburgh's synagogues, Pennsylvania. But because the shooting is committed by a white American man named "Rob Bowers", the American and international media did not say it was a terrorist act - that's what I noticed first.
What has not caught the eye of the world, and through my follow-up of real-life documentaries in America, may have felt that there is discrimination in favor of the Jewish community in the United States vis-a-vis other citizens - in jobs, housing, promotion, etc. Thus, maybe this white American man angered to do this work.
Of course, most of the world's banking men and lending institutions are usually dominated by Jews - and so the average American who is under debt under difficult economic conditions in the US - he is a slave to those lending institutions that unfortunately caused the financial recession in 2008.
Which is similar to the events of this period, and the entry of America in the wars of trade are useless to them now, through complex political conditions and difficult between the right (Democratic) and extreme right (Republican) - and compete on the chessboard in America - who will sweep the midterm elections - with The negligence of the American citizen with the collapse of the social justice system - because a businessman governs the country.
I also believe that even with the suppression of the movement (occupation), which emerged after the revolutions of the Arab world, and was affected by what happened and especially the revolution of January - New movements will emerge and I think that (Anonymous) is currently the biggest enemy of the ruling regime in America, as they have leaked Hillary Clinton's personal email in 2016 to Gillian Assange, which revealed what America has done with certain Gulf regimes in support of terrorism, and consequently in her loss of US presidential elections, as well as its involvement in Human Trafficking in Syria and Iraq and obtaining financial support from abroad during elections, especially from the Gulf states.
The coming days will show us that this citizen is definitely suffering because of these lending institutions, or is unemployed, or has a lot of debt, or suffers from discrimination.
This is an initial analysis in waiting for what the days will reveal - even though the timing is suspicious, and perhaps to cover up the incident of Jamal Khashoggi, who put the US media in a war either with the Republicans or with Trump personally. Because of the scandal of American complicity in this incident, as well as the lie of respect for freedom of expression in America, and perhaps this incident against the Jews and Trump of course supports them strongly, to back the balance again in favor of the Republican Party. The pragmatism and the sordidness of politics may permit anything, and this man may also be a client of the Republican Party, and who knows.
Ahmed Moustafa
Director of Asia Center for Studies and Translation
A Member of the CODESRIA and Group of Strategic Vision

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