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17 July, Wednesday

Historical chance or a disaster alert - Experts talk about peace in Karabakh

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After the last meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian foreign ministers, large-scale discussions were launched in both countries. Calls to "the preparation of the population to peace" and even the support of the Secretary-General of this issue have caused unequivocal reactions. Experts and relevant agencies of international organizations are exploring ways to achieve peace in the region.

Eurasia Diary asked local and foreign experts to comment on the results of the meeting and possible perspectives.

Oleg Kuznetsov, a Russian political analyst, historian over Caucasus commentator:

"Let's be honest, at least in our own way: During the 30-year war in Karabakh, on both sides of the conflict, two young generations have already grown up with hates. I will not talk about many catastrophes brought by the Karabakh war to the people of Azerbaijan, and it was talked much about this, and as far as I understand, nobody in Azerbaijan is willing to forgive these crimes.

I have raised this issue repeatedly in my articles, and I have always faced the criticisms of Azerbaijanis and Armenians who are not yet ready to reconcile each other. Therefore, the ministers are absolutely right to say that governments should prepare their communities in peace and reconciliation in the future.

This topic is particularly actual for Armenia, which had nothing to gain after winning, and it is important to understand this fact by its population. Imagine that in all these years, the people of the country have lived a life of poverty, in exchange for a single idea, and now almost have to give up their meaning of life.

This would be painful for those who serve for the occupying forces. They will face a question: for what did we fight and die, and for thirty years we had to endure these deprivations for nothing, what was their meaning? In a word, the moral and psychological situation will not be heartwarming. And the fact that this predictable and understandable fact is very disturbing the Armenian authorities today. This can lead not just a social protest in the country but to social conflict. And who wants to lose it as it comes to power? "

Orkhan Gafarli, a senior research fellow at Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies in Harvard University, notes that change of power in Armenia and Pashinyan's triumph over elections will have a positive impact on Nagorno-Karabakh peace talks.

"There is a historic chance for the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and it is important for the two countries to join the peace process and to support the peace process, not only among the politicians but also among the nations, which is a crucial task for NGOs and leaders."

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