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23 May, Thursday

Last hope of Iran-Eurasian Economic Union - ANALYSİS

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In these recent days, Integration of IRI to the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) came to the agenda. In previous days, financial support of Russia to Iran in 5 billions USD made actual of these issues again. 

Numerous experts noticed that Iran is preparing to enter the Euroasia Economical Union.

Directly to the topic, Adviser at Washington based Gulf States Analytics, Omid Shokri Kalehsar shared his opinions with Eurasia Diary.

He notices that the economic situation of Iran became complicated last period. After the declaration of European countries about the executing of trade with Iran, the only escape way is EEU for Iran. Actually, the integration of IRI to the EEU is not a new topic. Iran has already thought about it for 2 years. but, starting of the second wave of USA sanctions and executing of trade with Iran accelerated this issue.  Iran tries that they are not separated from the world, omit the economic crisis. It is a true factor that integration to the EEU is directly related to this. 

According to the expert's opinions, the main factor in joining Iran to the EEU is Russia and PRC. Iran tries to enlarge its economic relations with these 2 states. One of the main compelled factors is currency. Iran cannot use from international currency such as USD and Euro in external trade. It can do this process in EEU. Iran shows that with this step, it will not completely be separated from the world.  

O.Shokri notices that EEU is a new market for Iran productions. With this way, Iran can export its productions, especially, fruits, grains to the PRC, Russia and Central Asia countries comfortably. But, it is important to notice that the discount customs rate has not existed among the EEU countries. In contrary to, customs prices and rates are too high. It can influence the Iran economy in a negative way. Therefore, joining EEU is an advantage and also a rescue. 

At last, O.Shokri emphasizes this process that Iran has geopolitical interests:" After the collapse of USSR, Iran had lost its effective power on the north. Therefore,  the main target of Iran is realizing its geopolitical interests in South Caucasus and Central Asia. But, here, Iran interests should cohere with the interests of Russia and China. Otherwise, realizing its regional interests will not be possible."


Written by Nijat Ismayilov

Translated by Azad Nuriyev

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